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Transforming the way we live: Better design with AI

Harnessing our unique multi-disciplinary capabilities, SUTD has developed a new world-first degree programme aimed at producing a new generation of designers and innovators for an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven world.

Design and Artificial Intelligence (DAI) focuses on better design with the help of AI. It dives into the application of AI-driven design across products, systems, services and built environments.

From predicting urban growth patterns to optimise city planning, to using Al to design smarter medical aids for accurate early disease detection or more intuitive and safer digital banking services. These are just some of the possibilities of how you can use AI-driven design innovation to transform the economy and improve our lives.

Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Design and Artificial Intelligence.

Unique Feature

DAI focuses on using AI to “better design” with an emphasis on application-based courses and design studios. By graduation, you would have a comprehensive portfolio of industry-inspired projects.