60.004 Service Design Studio

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Course Description

In Service Design Studio, students will form a team to respond to a “Service Design Challenge” by conceptualizing, designing and implementing a new AI-based application to deliver a service. Students will learn web technologies to deploy cross-platform service solutions to various industry needs.

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Learning Objectives

  • Conduct all phases of development from problem analysis to deployment
  • Present software design work and critique other students’ designs
  • Build medium-scale web applications using standard technologies on the cloud
  • Design key components of a software system
  • Exercise good work ethics in dealing with different stake holders

Measurable Outcomes

  • Analyze problems and write design documents for a software system
  • Design and implement key components of a software system including data models, event structures, and interfaces
  • Build and deploy a medium-scale web or cross-platform applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails framework
  • Present and pitch their design solutions as well as give constructive critique on other students’ design
  • Implement Cloud Services as key technology components in the overall service solutions
  • Communicate well and exercise good work ethics both among group members as well as with industry mentors

Students’ Works


Textbook(s) and/or Other Required Material

  • “Engineering Software as a Service: An Agile Approach Using Cloud Computing” by Armando Fox and David Patterson, Book version 2.0b