60.006 Spatial Design Studio

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Course Description

In Spatial Design Studio, students will work across a diverse range of curated spatial computing themes in conceptualising, designing, developing, and presenting AI-based solutions. These themes will vary according to the problem statements/challenges co-designed with our industry partners at every run. However, they should generally include (1) urban analytics, (2) generative architecture, (3) immersive environments, and (4) other emerging (or yet-to-exist) spatial technologies. In addition to the introduction of key concepts, methods, and tools for approaching complex 2D/3D geometric problems spanning different spatial scales (e.g.interiors, buildings, and cities), students will also develop their own critical thinking skills and design sensibilities when formulating holistic AI design solutions.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and examine key concepts of spatial computing and its potential use with AI.
  • Evaluate, adapt, and propose suitable algorithms/techniques/pipeline in handling the project dataset.
  • Create a prototype that demonstrates the intent of the main design idea and its technical capabilities.
  • Communicate a critical understanding of the design’s societal implications.

Measurable Outcomes

  • Discussing spatial computing topics from a list of assigned readings.
  • Developing and delivering a report that documents the design and implementation process.
  • Constructing a prototype that creatively and strategically integrate machine learning techniques for design.
  • Developing and delivering an oral and visual presentation suitable for an audience from the industry as well as the general audience.