Design Entrepreneurship

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Course Description

Students will learn knowledge and skills for design-centric entrepreneurship, by creating a new venture based on their AI technology design projects. The course will emphasize the use of AI techniques to explore entrepreneurship opportunities and the design and marketing of AI-enabled products, systems, and services for entrepreneurship. Experiential learning is aided by lectures, readings, guest sharing and a recess week “AI Startup Ecosystem” study trip to Beijing or Shenzhen. Via integrated experiential and theoretical learning, students are expected to understand the fundamental characteristics of the entrepreneurship process, the principles that underpin the integrated product-process-people design decisions under extreme uncertainty and resource constraints, and the uniqueness and global frontiers of AI entrepreneurship. The venture projects will be supported by an “ecosystem” of over 100 entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and industry experts (see profiles at This course will prepare students for career development via (i) creating entrepreneurial startups of their own, (ii) being key members of the founding team, (iii) an entrepreneurial member in established organizations that aspire to innovate, and (iv) entrepreneurship-supporting firms (e.g., venture capital investment firms, incubators/accelerators, corporate venture labs) and government agencies.)