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Below is a list of specialisation tracks available to DAI students. Students may take up a track to focus in a specific industry and it is composed of 2 elective courses from the respective tracks stated below. They are also required to fulfill a track-related internship.

Students who choose to complete a specialisation track will have it indicated on their transcript so that future employers can recognise this expertise. Choosing to specialise in a track is optional and students are expected to discuss their elective choices with their faculty advisor.

Healthcare Design

Discover how to design healthcare products and services with artificial intelligence and be equipped with fundamental knowledge in medical technologies to develop the next generation of healthcare solutions.

Subjects include:

  • AI for Healthcare
  • Technologies for Sustainable Global Health
  • Brain-inspired Computing and its Applications
  • Instructional Design of Serious Games for Healthcare
  • Healthcare Product Design
  • Topics in Biomedical & Healthcare Engineering

Enterprise Design

Gain skills and knowledge on design, manufacturing, sustainable engineering, and business subjects which are required to make an enterprise successful in our fast evolving world.

Ideal for those who wish to lead transformational innovations within organisations.

Subjects include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Industry 4.0 & 3D Printing
  • Design & Manufacturing
  • Game Theory
  • Fundamentals of Investing