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Associate Professor, Program Director for SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Program (STEP)

Website: http://ddi.sutd.edu.sg

Pillar / Cluster: Design and Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Product Development

Jianxi Luo is a tenured Associate Professor with SUTD, Director of Data-Driven Innovation Lab, and Director of SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Program. Prof. Luo holds a PhD in Engineering Systems (Technology Management and Policy track) and S.M. degree in Technology Policy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and M.S. and B.E. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Tsinghua University. He had been a faculty member at New York University (2011-2012), visiting scholar at Columbia University (2011-2012) and University of Cambridge (2005). He was Chair of INFORMS Technology Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship Section (2015-2016). He is currently on the editorial boards of Design Science (Associate Editor), Research in Engineering Design, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, among other journals.

His research fuses design science, network science and artificial intelligence to push the frontiers of data-driven design and creative artificial intelligence, for more informed, inspired and creative decisions in engineering design, innovation management and technology policy. He has published >120 academic articles and given >70 invited talks at >50 universities, companies and government agencies around the world. His research received over a dozen awards from Design Society, ASME Design Engineering Division, INFORMS, Complex System Society among others, including SUTD “Excellence in Research” Award 2018.



  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Ph.D. (Engineering Systems); S.M. (Technology Policy)
  • Tsinghua University
    • M.S. (Mobility & Vehicle Engineering); B.E. (Energy & Power Engineering)


  • Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design and Innovation
  • Engineering Knowledge Discovery and Representation
  • Design Concept Generation and Evaluation
  • Design Computation, Cognition and Theory
  • Patent Analytics
  • System Theory, Graph Theory, Network Science
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Awards & Honors

  • Best Paper Award, in Design Theory & Methodology, International Design Engineering Technical Conferences / Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (IDETC/CIE), Anaheim, California, 2019
  • Innovative Applications in Analytics Award Finalist, Sponsored by Caterpillar, INFORMS Analytics Conference, Austin, TX, 2019
  • Best Paper Award Nomination, Hawaii International Conference on System Science (HICSS), Hawaii, HI, 2019
  • Excellence in Research Award, Singapore University of Technology & Design, 2018
  • SG Good Design Mark, Singapore Design Business Chamber, 2017
  • Richard R. Nelson Prize Finalist, 2016
  • Best Paper Award, Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Sydney, Australia, 2016
  • Best Poster Award, International Conference on Complex Systems, Phoenix, AZ, 2015
  • “Reviewers’ Favourite” Paper Award, International Conference on Engineering Design, Milan, Italy, 2015
  • “Reviewers’ Favourite” Paper Award, International Conference on Engineering Design, Seoul, Korea, 2013
  • Editor’s Choice“, Industrial and Corporate Change, 2012
  • Best Dissertation Award (Runner-Up), INFORMS Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Section, 2011
  • Best Paper Award (2nd Place), Annual Conference of Chinese Scholars Association in Management Science & Engineering, 2010
  • Alfred A.H. Keil Fellowship for Wiser Uses of Science and Technology, 2004
  • China International Marine Containers (Group) Scholarship, 2003
  • Mercedes-Benz Scholarship, 2002

Recent Invited Talks

  • “Data-Driven Innovation”, Keynote Speech, 13th International Workshop on Design Theory, Paris, France, January, 2020.
  • “Journey to Creative Artificial Intelligence”, Invited Talk, A*STAR Artificial Intelligence Program, Singapore, January, 2020
  • “Networks: Heterogeneity, Evolvability and Innovation”, Invited Talk, Institute for New Economic Thinking, YSI Asia Convening, Hanoi, Vietnam, August, 2019
  • “Creative Artificial Intellignece”, Invited Talk, Centre for Brain-Inspired Computing Research, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, July, 2020
  • “Computer-Aided Ideation for Design”, Keynote Speech, 17th Annual International CAD Conference, Singapore, June, 2019
  • “Computer-Aided Ideation”, Mengshi Autonomous Vehicle Resarch Lab, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, May, 2019
  • “Data-Driven Innovation”, MIT Ideation Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, April, 2019
  • “Data-Driven Innovation”, State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, , June, 2018
  • “Data-Driven Innovation”, Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, , June, 2017


Topic 1:  Design & Artificial Intelligence
Topic 2:  Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Topic 3:  Complex Systems & Networks
Topic 4:  Computational Fluid Dynamics & Automotive Engineering


PhD Student Openings with Scholarships

I am always open to welcome new applicants. Please directly send me your CV and research interests via email. More info about the PhD Scholarships can be found here.